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Second level
Third level
Fourth level
Fifth level
Overarching document is the Comprehensive Plan
65% of $ loss is residential
83% of $ loss is residential
These maps note a distinction between Zones A and AE in the 100-year floodplain.  For those areas categorized as Zone AE, engineering data exists that was used to calculate the Base Flood Elevation. This data is necessary for the HAZUS-MH 2.0 model to calculate potential economic loss and this process was described in section IIA2c above.
Federal program that partners homeowners with nearly 90 insurance companies – all same rate.  Community must enforce floodplain management standards.
Separate workgroup, participation of FDEM, city, county and non-profit agencies
Concept of Operations names Disaster Housing Team and Disaster Housing Coordinators
Disaster Housing Workgroup wants to expand to include hosting
Emergency Waiver 2006
How they relate and support the post-disaster redevelopment mission
Leon County adopted Policy 07-2 in 2008 which establishes a Catastrophe Reserve.
Two City Commission policies address funding for catastrophic events. Policy 214, “Risk Management/Self Insurance”, establishes a Special Insurance Reserve Fund to meet unanticipated losses from catastrophic events or claims in excess of the Risk Management Fund.
To cover any situation that exceeds the capacity of the Special Insurance Reserve, Policy 224, “Financing the Government”, establishes the Deficiencies Fund to provide for unforseen expenditures.
Insurance Villages
Timeframe for completion is the end of March
Long Term Recovery Coordination Group