HIV/AIDS Information


Program Components

Administrative Team: The administrative team provides fiscal management of local budget and resources, as well as, for our regional operation for DOH funded activities providing HIV/AIDS Prevention, Care, and support to clients throughout our region of operations, in that all contract management is conducted by members of this team. The administrative team is led by the HIV/AIDS Program Coordinator, who provides supervision, guidance, and training support to all staff affiliated with the program. The administrative team, also provides, local logistical support, for the full division, and the primary contact for information, requests for support, and program management. The team lead is also an adjunct member of each team. You may reach the HAPC, via phone: 850-606-8266, or via email:

Community Mobilization Team: The Team Lead for this team is the Early Intervention Consultant, whose primary responsibility is to provide development and technical assistance to our local and regional testing locations and tests sites. In addition to our EIC, included on this team is the Minority AIDS Coordinator (Supports 14 counties, Areas 2A and 2B), responsible for addressing the issues and concerns impacted our minority, and underserved populations, the Prevention Training Consultant, who provides educational Awareness/Educational presentations throughout the region. The PTC is also the primary agent through which agencies and programs can request speakers, capacity building, printed and audio-visual materials for support of community events. Our 2B Sexual Violence Prevention Program Director is also a member of this team. You may reach our Community Mobilization Lead, via phone at 850-606-8269, or via email:

Patient Care Team: The patient care team includes the Area 2A/2B Surveillance Program Consultant, the FAMU Resident Pharmacist, and the AIDS Drugs Assistance Program Coordinator for Leon County. The ADAP Coordinator is the lead for this program. Our ADAP Coordinator also serves as the primary DATA Entry Special for the Area 2A/2B STD Prevention and Control Program. The patient care team serves as our primary contacts with local and regional health care institutions, laboratories, and other reporting entities. This team also supports face-to-face linkage to care for clients eligible to reach our patient care team lead, you may call 850-606-8257, or email: