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Office of Intervention & Detention Alternatives-Drug and Alcohol Testing Division

Wanda Hunter-donaldson, Director

(850) 606-5600
E-mail: HunterW@leoncountyfl.gov


(850) 606-5750

E-mail: cantrellc@leoncountyfl.gov





E-mail: saltersl@leoncountyfl.gov



Under the direction of Wanda Hunter-Donaldson, the Office of Intervention & Detention Alternatives brings responsibilities for Probation, Supervised Pretrial Release, drug and alcohol testing for County probationers and Pretrial defendants, staff support for the Public Safety Coordinating Council (which focuses upon jail population management and recidivism issues), County functions related to the "Dori Sclosberg Driver Education Safety Act" and the Palmer Monroe Community Center, and liaison funtions with the State Attorney, Public Defender, law enforcement, and the Courts under one manager.  The Probation Division has seventeen (17) employees: one (1) supervisor, two (2) senior officers, five (5) officer II, four (4) officer I, one (1)community service/work program coordinator, one (1) analyst, and three (3) probation technicians. The Supervised Pretrial Release Program has fourteen (14) employees: one (1) supervisor, one (1) senior pretrial specialist, nine (9) pretrial specialists (one grant funded for Mental Health Program), one (1) case worker and two (2) pretrial technicians.  The Drug and Alcohol Testing Division has four (4) employees: one (1) program coordinator, one (1) assistant coordinator and two (2) drug technicians.

In conformity with Leon County’s Mission Statement, the Office of Intervention & Detention Alternatives is dedicated to restoring and enhancing the quality of life of the clients we serve and assist in making them productive and responsible citizens for a safer community. The Drug and Alcohol Testing Division is responsible for providing reliable drug and alcohol test results to the Courts, outside agencies and other departments within Leon County. 

The Leon County Drug and Alcohol Testing Division provides alcohol and drug screening for court ordered defendants, pre-employment, return to duty and random employee drug/alcohol testing. There are two (2) certified Lifeloc Phoenix 6.0 trainers specifically for DOT alcohol testing, however all staff are DOT certified drug screen collectors. This program is open to the general public as well as surrounding counties for all services. Please contact the Drug and Alcohol Testing Division for fee information.  


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