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A Driving guide to Scenic Leon County

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Centuries ago, Native Americans traveled the hills of Leon County, creating a network of trails fo11owed later by Spanish explorers and American settlers. Today, travel these same historic routes. Venture along picturesque canopy roads where majestic live oak trees drip with Spanish moss, and embankments, cut ten feet deep into the rich red clay of the earth. Follow Leon County's rural roads back into history.

This document describes three driving tours. THE NATIVE TRAIL links the area's richest archaeological sites, Climb Indian ceremonial mounds. Explore native villages and Spanish mission, sites. THE COTTON TRAIL follows Leon County's most beautiful canopy roads. Visit sites from the antebellum period when "Cotton was King," from the county's creation in 1824 through the Civil War. THE QUAIL TRAIL transports you to the early 1900s. Travel through pine forests to visit two former hunting estates,

Each of these tours offers a snapshot of the past. Take a leisurely drive along one or all. Stop, enjoy a picnic, take pictures, or just relax. But please do not trespass on private property or remove any archaeological artifacts. Maps of the tours may be found at the end of this document.

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For, more Information on local sites, contact the Tallahassee Area Convention and Visitors Bureau at (850) 413‑9200 or (800)-628-2866 or the Historic Tallahassee Preservation Board at (850)488‑7100.

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This Publication was prepared originally by the Historic Tallahassee Preservation board, now called Tallahassee Trust for Historic Preservation, Florida Department of State with assistance from the Tallahassee Area Convention and Visitor Bureau. Graphic design/production has been provided by the Museum of Florida History, Division of Historical Resources, Florida Department of State. Historic Photographs are courtesy of the Photographic Collection, Florida State Archives, Florida Department of State.

As this brochure is no longer in print, we have altered it from it original format to a format suitable for the web, and in a downloadable format.

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