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Supervisor of Elections
Leon County, Florida, USA

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Use this form to request a Mail Ballot or call us at (850) 606-8683.

Important Notes:

  • If you are registered in another county in Florida, follow this link to find the website for your county. If you are registered to vote in a state other than Florida, contact your state elections agency for information.

  • This online form can ONLY be used for requesting a mail ballot for YOURSELF or for an IMMEDIATE FAMILY MEMBER.

  • This online form requires you to provide us with your email address. If you do not provide your email address, your request WILL NOT be processed. If you do not want to provide your email address, click here to print a form that you can complete and mail, fax, or deliver to our office.

  • The LAST DAY to request a mail ballot using this form is NOON on the WEDNESDAY before the election for all OUT OF COUNTY mailings, or NOON on the FRIDAY before the election for all IN COUNTY mailings. Ballots are generally mailed out the day following receipt of your online request. If you have waited until Election Day is near to request a mail ballot be mailed to you, there is a chance that your vote will not be counted. If you have any concerns, please call our office at the number listed above.

  • Your completed ballot MUST be received at the SUPERVISOR OF ELECTIONS OFFICE (NOT the polling precincts or the post office) NO LATER THAN 7:00 PM ON THE DAY OF THE ELECTION, or your vote WILL NOT be counted.

  • To ensure the fastest processing of your request, please FILL OUT THIS FORM COMPLETELY.

Check the box next to the election for which you are requesting a mail ballot:

If you are traveling between elections, make a separate request for each election so the mailing addresses will be correct.

No Elections Scheduled

Check this box below if you wish to become a yearly mail ballot voter. Yearly mail ballot voters receive a letter prior to each election cycle listing elections for the upcoming year. Yearly mail ballot voters return the letter to request a mail ballot for the desired election and to confirm residence and mailing addresses. If this box is left unchecked, your mail ballot status will conclude with this election cycle. If at any time you have questions simply call us at 606-8683 or email our early voting team .

Yes, I wish to be a yearly mail ballot voter.

Voter's Name:
You must provide at least one of the following:
Date of Birth: / /
Voter Registration #:
Voter's Phone #:
If you do not provide your email address, your request WILL NOT be processed. If you do not want to give your email address, click here to print a form that you can fill out and mail, fax, or deliver to our office.
Voter's Email Address:
Residence Address:
  (not a P.O. Box)

Tallahassee, FL  
Mailing Address:
  (if you get mail somewhere other than your    residence address on a regular basis)

Mail Ballot to:
  (if different from both residence and    mailing addresses)

Voter Status:
Civilian, in country Civilian, out of country
Military, in country Military, out of country

If you are making the above ballot request for an immediate family member and not yourself, we need YOU to complete ALL of the following:

Requester's Name:
Relationship to Voter:
Requester's Phone #:

Click here to submit your request:
Click here to clear this form:

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Supervisor of Elections - Leon County
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